Green Africa Container Depot


Green Africa Container Depot is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Green Africa Group. 

With a proud legacy and an impressive track record, Green Africa Container Depot is a prominent and respected name in the container industry. Operating three container depots and two warehouses with a combined square meterage of 4 400sqm, the company's footprint covers Durban and Johannesburg. Annually, over 45 000 empty containers, more than 4 500 full containers and an estimated 20 000 freight tons of cargo pass through Green Africa Container Depot.
The vision of Captain JJ Chen, Green Africa Container Depot was founded in January 1996 as a direct result ofEvergreen Agency (SA) activity and the Evergreen Marine Corporation’s requirement for empty container storage, handling and repair services in South Africa. Like so many Green Africa Group companies, the function was previously outsourced, but was brought in-house to streamline efficiencies, improve synergies, save costs and broaden the commercial base.
The first depot became operational in Wychwood, Johannesburg in May 1996, and two years later, the Durban depot opened its doors.

In January 2000, Green Africa Container Depot was granted a customs and excise license to handle and store un-cleared containers. This event was a major turning point in the company’s history and necessitated a series of significant changes, which saw the Durban depot upgraded to a full container storage facility. A new empty container depot was secured in the same area.
In 2001, Green Africa Container Depot extended its services to other clients and shipping lines. Such was the success of the decision that in 2006 the company acquired its largest depot to date in City Deep, Johannesburg. Developed by Green Africa Properties, the enhanced capacity was created to meet the ever-increasing needs of the market and meant that the Wychwood depot could be consolidated into a single site. The spacious new facility opened in August 2007.